Safety rules for scuba diving in the MALDIVES

  • The maximum depth in the Maldives for the OWD is 18 m and 30 m for the AOWD.

  • Decompression dives are not permitted!

  • No diving is permitted under the influence of medications/drugs or alcohol!

  • No solo dives - we always dive in a buddy system! In the event of separation from your dive buddy or group underwater, look for no longer than 1 min, if no contact is made, you must surface (it is prohibited to join another group).

  • Requirements for unguided divers:
    1. Open Water Diver with Adventure DEEP or equivalent
    2. 30 logged dives - some of them in the last 18 months 
  • Before each dive, a buddy check needs to be performed.

  • Use of BCD and alternative air source (octopus) is a requirement!

  • It is compulsory for every diver to dive with a dive computer and to stay in it's limits.

  • The maximum dive time on boat dives is 60 minutes.

  • Upon reaching 60 bar, make a safety stop at 5 m for 3 minutes and end the dive.

  • During the safety stop, deploy the Surface Marker Buoy!
  • After the ascend to the surface - OK - Signal to boatscrew and waiting for instructions - keep away from the boat's propeller! 
  • Remaining pressure in the scuba tank (after a dive), should always have at least 30 bar.

  • Recall signal in case of emergancy: loud - ongoing banging, immediately - normal ascend to the surface, waiting for instuctions of boatcrew!
  • Beware of dehydration - drink plenty of water!
  • Diving is not permitted on your arrival or departure date.

  • It is not permitted to dive 24 hours prior to the international flight and 12 hours before seaplane flight.

  • Feeding fish and the use of gloves is not permitted!

  • Corals, Shells etc. – stay in the Ocean!

  • Avoid any contact to the reef (corals and aquatic organisms)!

  • Always follow the instructions of the instructor/dive guide!

  • All diving activities are at your own risk!

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